Evaluators Name *
Evaluators Name
Please select the Community Association you are evaluating.
Administration Management: *
Administration Management:
Communicates with the board and residents in a timely, courteous and knowledgeable manner.
Demonstrates oversight and regularly communicates the status of community projects and maintenance items.
Addresses violations of the rules and regulations by homeowner’s timely and appropriate manner.
Implements the board’s policies and direction in a timely and effective manner.
Operations Management *
Operations Management
The property is managed with a proactive approach to fulfill the duties assigned to board members in the community Declaration.
Community manager develops bid specifications and mangers performance of all vendors based on executed contracts.
Site inspections are conducted in accordance with the contract to ensure curb appeal, evaluate complaints and to respond to owners requests.
All maintenance requests are acknowledged and completed in a timely manner. Board is notified of all issues.
Financial Management *
Financial Management
Maintains finances and provides accurate, up to date financial records on a monthly basis.
Facilitates the preparation of annual budgets with reforested numbers for the current year based on contractual numbers and anticipated service increases.
Maintains reserve funds and makes recommendations for adequate funding for capital improvements.
All bills are paid on a timely basis and coded to the appropriate GL code on the financials.